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Essential oils play an integral role in what I do,
but the part that brings me most joy is the authentic connections I make with people, and the stories they share as I guide them on their journey.

One of the beautiful things about doTERRA is it's very community-based and everyone supports each other. It's very empowering seeing the happiness, joy and healing that doTERRA essential oils bring to those you share them with. 
It's so natural for me to teach something that I believe in and have a passion for. I know implementing changes and shuffling through the noise in the wellness arena can be overwhelming. My purpose is to be on your journey with you, be of service to you. I don't want your newly purchased essential oils sitting in a box somewhere around your home. I want you using these incredible natural solutions as part of your daily routine so you too feel the joy of good health and happiness. 

Why I love what I do

I'm a natural-born optimist that makes lemonade out of life's lemons. I believe we are put exactly where we need to be. I have felt myself grow and rise up over the last few years, running my business from my heart. I have been gifted this amazing opportunity to impact the lives of so many families and support my local community. My journey has led me to some fulfilling volunteer work at local drop in centres and organising food drives. I am certified in Aroma-touch and find pleasure in giving hand massages and having a chat at my local age care facility. I am also the mother of a child with autism and have been using my wellness platform to advocate autism awareness by doing talks in my local community.  I share my families journey of finding natural solution with doTERRA essential oils, whole food eating, low tox living, play therapy and Hygge in my blogs.  If these topics resonate with you, check my blogs out when you get a spare moment. 

I feel truly blessed that I can create my own schedule, take holidays whenever I like, spend time doing what I love all whilst supporting my family. I even fit in some "Self Care" from time to time because what good are we to our loved ones and others if we are not happy and healthy in ourselves?

Making lemonade  

I can't thank Sarah enough for all her guidance and support, and for opening my eyes to the world of essential oils.
I sought Sarah's support on managing my sensitive two year old. Our major struggles were sleep and separation anxiety. Together, Sarah and I worked out a daily routine incorporating a variety of calming essential oils that we diffuse and apply topically. The results we had with my son were amazing and had me wanting to learn more. Sarah has also shown me how to use my oils in place of chemicals when cleaning my home. My home is now safer and entirely chemical free, and I am actually saving money by making my own cleaning products. 

Michelle Liddy

I can't imagine my family's life without doTERRA, and we're healthier and happier then we've ever been. They have helped my family navigate the difficulties we've faced and get back to more of a natural approach to health and nutrition. I now live by the mantra of ‘No Nasty's’, eliminating plastics, chemicals and other unnatural substances that surround a modern family home. Essential oils have given me the tool belt to make simple swaps and live a safe, toxin free lifestyle.

This journey has brought my family closer together. My children love the wellness lifestyle we are living and they too rely on the oils to support their health and emotions. You will often hear them chatting with friends and family about the oils. 

A more abundant life

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